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Northern Athens

January 27 2017


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A nickname for Edinburgh will be the Northern Athens. A walk in the streets of the city is enough to convince visitors of the link between the capital of Scotland and the Greeks, two cities of culture. Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland since the 15th century, offers the double face of an old town dominated by a medieval fortress and a new neoclassical town. The harmonious neighborhood of these two urban complexes so contrasted, rich each in buildings of great value, confers to the city its unique character.

After long reflection, my father and I decided to fly to a new country: Scotland! The United Kingdom is not just about the beautiful city of London. Indeed, Scotland that covers the northern part of the island is a country that deserves to be discovered for many reasons such as breathtaking nature, delicious food, whiskeys, architecture, history but also for the hospitality of the Scots.

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For nature lovers, Scotland is the place to be. Scotland is a mix of vertiginous mountains, clear waters, large forests and winding roads. The diversity and uniqueness of the landscapes will dazzle you and convince you that Scotland is a must-see destination if you are looking for beauty and tranquility. Since the holidays were not long we decided to visit the capital city of Scotland, but we were able to enjoy Scotland’s splendors.

One of my favorite places in Edinburgh is undoubtedly Calton Hill. Views of, and from, the hill are often used in photographs and paintings of the city. The hill is the location of several iconic monuments and buildings, which is why it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


In all of Scotland, castles in ruins or surprisingly well preserved are the joy of visitors. The Middle Ages is omnipresent and one can truly feel the time that has frozen there for several centuries. The old city of Edinburgh lives and breathes history. It’s a maze of cobbled streets, winding alleys, great avenues and dark alleys. We spend all our stay discovering historic places and emblematic sites and fill up the vibrant atmosphere of the old town. A must-see monument is the Edinburgh Castle which contains the crown jewels of Scotland and the stone of destiny. If you are there in the early afternoon, you can appreciate the famous One O’clock Gun.


Many restaurants listed among the best in Britain are in Scotland, more precisely in Edinburgh and I guess it’s true because we ate at several delicious and amazing restaurants. The quality local products such as “Angus” beef, fish and crustaceans caught on the North Sea coasts and vegetables grown in abundance in the region, make this place a culinary city. Furthermore, you can’t miss the best pizzeria in Britain: La Favorita. As an Italian, I assure you the food was outstanding; what a surprise!


Perhaps you already know that Scotland is the land of whiskey. It is here that the best “single malt” whiskeys are produced. We didn’t have the time to plan a visit to distilleries which cover the entire country but we could taste some nice whiskeys such as Glenfiddich, Maccalan or Glenmorangie.


If there is something to add and which makes a great pleasure when visiting a new country, it is the hospitality of the people. Scotland is the country of friendly people and warm. You’ll be surprised at how good the Scotsman is. I would finish by specifying that the Scottish accent is quite pronounced, not always easy to understand!





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