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Havana nights

April 1 2017

Crushing on Cuba

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I’m dreaming of visiting Cuba ever since I’ve seen Dirty Dancing 2, which was around 2004 and I am still so eager to visit this country ASAP. This movie is a special one because it represents a fase in my life where the interest of traveling around the globe was secretly growing. Seeing movies which where taking place in different cities around the world made me dream of other places.


And seriously who doesn’t want to visit Cuba and their famous Havana nights as soon as possible? I am secretly also a little afraid that the country will change maybe sooner than we think. I have no idea if Cuba is really what I expect it to be but I am definitely dreaming of a very unique, colorful, dreamy place with beautiful buildings, old cars and the most kind people who are proud of their country.

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The thing I would like to do most in Cuba is driving around in a very old special blue/yellow/purple car, totally dressed in an summer outfit with a big straw hat on, my camera in one hand and a coconut water in the other. Seeing the local people in their natural habitat enjoying the sun.

Second I would love to have diner at a special local place, or maybe even with locals in their home. This way you can really taste the local specialties and hopefully learn a little about the traditions in a foreign country. Third I would love to go to an rum factory to see how the best rum is being made, I mean everybody loves a good mojito from time to time right? Last I am very very very afraid I will make way to many pictures of all the colorful buildings, the street art, the local people and all the other details this country has to offer.

If I would have all the time in the world I would also definitely try to go to Coco Coya, an little island on the north coast of Cuba. This Island is beautiful and known for their clear blue water and white sand beaches. The perfect spot and ending to a wonderful time in Cuba!

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