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October 18 2016

California, USA

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Roadtripping through California is definitely something you should add to your Bucketlist if you haven’t done this already! Getting to see so many different kind of cities and landscapes in around 3 to 4 weeks is amazing! I had the privilege to drive with a big black jeep from San Francisco to Los Angeles with many stops in between. The cool thing about driving from city to city is to see all the different types of nature. I swear I haven’t seen so many different landscapes in 3 weeks as I have while driving in California. For the record, driving in California, most of all LA is a disaster! But hey, there are so many cool, weird, fascinating people on the streets that you have something to look at while standing in traffic. And if you get hungry there is a drive through at every corner! So every disadvantage has his advantage you could say! Expect for the drive from Yosemite National Park to Las Vegas, that road seriously has zero stops and zero restaurants. So please be very American and buy as much as you can get while you can!

We started in San Francisco where we stayed 4 days. I caught myself driving over the Golden Gate Bridge for the 6th time just because I loved the view and could not believe I was actually in San Fran (What outsiders call it but the people in San Francisco hate it). I can also say that San Francisco’s houses definitely stole my heart. Those colors and details are so cute and driving by them on the cable car’s is the perfect wauw to get to know the city! (Lazy as f*** but yes, perfect).

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After San Francisco we began our drive to Yosemite National Park. I seriously had the feeling that we were driving through Scotland, this landscape was amazing but so unexpected! Arriving at the hotel we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere and everything was build from wood! Beautiful and very quiet after being in a big city!

Two days later we drove to Las Vegas. I was so excited to finally be at the Strip watching all kinds of people but first we had to drive through the desert. W-i-t-h-o-u-t any food!! Because as I sad so, there is NOTHING. Guess we could have expected that, but yes vacation slows down your brain. But Las Vegas was everything I expected and more, I seriously loved the weirdness. It gives me the feeling that there are so many different people in the world and they all get to be themselves there! I walked the whole Strip back and forth about 5 times, photography everything and going inside every hotel and shopping mall. This is definitely a guilty pleasure and I want to go back there again!

After 4 days Las Vegas it was time to take the helicopter for a spin into the Grand Canyon. Flying up there around 6 am gave us the most amazing view of the sunrise. I am not the kind of girl to be speechless but even I didn’t say a word. We landed and had breakfast in the Grand Canyon, which was one of the most cool places to have breakfast and champagne! After flying back to the big city we drove to my final destination where I would live for the next 5 months: Los Angeles!

Driving from the desert into Los Angeles was again a short of landscape shock! It is unbelievable how many different types of nature California has! And I started to fall in love with California piece by piece. My adventures in Los Angeles will be up on UnboundedPeople soon! Stay tuned!

Tags: California, USA

With U-Members: Tessa Eberson

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  1. Posted on 21 February 2018 at 02:19

    I loved your story.
    In May I will do the same trip. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, San Francisco and back to LA driving down the hwy 1!
    I’m very excited!!!
    Thank you for sharing!

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